Introducing Me!

I am starting this blog, hoping that I can share my ideas and make a connection with other moms who share the same passion as I do, and that is my children. Everything that I do is revolved around them and how to make everyday just a tad bit more interesting than the day before. I have blogged before but I want to try my hand in becoming a “Digital Mom,” and see where it will take me. I want to start by introducing myself, my name is Maribel, most people call me Maribel but a select few of my friends and family call me Bel. I remember when I was a little girl, I used to want everyone to call me Bel because my favorite Disney movie was Beauty and the Beast. But anyways…I want to move on and talk about my family.

This is my husband Steve w/ our daughter Bri. I met my husband Steve when I was a Junior in high school. It’s actually a really cute story but I might have to devote an entire blog entry about our love story! We have been together for almost 8 years! I take pride in our strengths as a couple and I do not deny the imperfections but I know we will always find a way to make things work out. Steve is a very devoted husband and father. He works hard and is passionate about what he does which is teaching and coaching sports. I am very lucky that I found a guy like Steve, I believe he is one of a kind!

Next topic…my two little monkeys! Bryce and Brianna.

My everyday life revolves around these two crazy kids… and yes there are days where they drive me absolutely crazy. But they are also what keeps me inspired and motivated everyday! Bryce is 4 and a half and Bri is 1 and a half. Bryce is a social butterfly! He is not by any means shy! He will introduce himself, ask you questions about your life and he will even shake your hand afterwards and say “It was very nice to meet you, I’ll come to visit again!” My daughter on the other hand is very hard to please…maybe its because she is still young but she clings to her mama like no other! Bri LOVES food, and that is not an understatement…she has never turned down any type of food!

Well, I hate to leave this blog open ended but duty calls and I have to put the kiddies to bed! Till next time! Hopefully I can post my first how-to next time!


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