Wow, I am bad at this!

Ok, so I’m pretty sure I suck at blogging. Hahaha…I am just a busy body and my kids keep me going all day everyday! So my goal will be at least once a week. I’m working on a few how-tos. I have so many different projects that I would love to share. I know I spend a majority of the time on the internet looking for easy tutorials and DIY projects, even if my husband thinks I spend all that time on Facebook chatting with friends or online shopping. Typical! My how-tos aren’t quite ready so I will just make a list of what you will expect to find in the next few days.

1. Friendship Bracelets

2. Superhero cape

3. My favorite recipes

4. Tutus

5. Headbands

6. Paint a wall

Those are just a few things.

Here is Bri in her Spring tutu, I made her. (above)

The superhero capes. One of my best friends had a superhero party theme and maybe I can share some of our ideas to those who are interested!

Alright, I must end it here because I have a fun filled day today at the water park with my family! Until next time… 🙂





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