Fall = Football

When the Fall season rolls around my life is consumed with football. If you come to my house from Thursday to Monday, we are most likely watching football. I absolutely love theย  game. I could also blame my husband but lets face it I love it just as much he does. My husband played football in high school and college. He is an amazing athlete! I tease him because I can’t think of anything he is not good at. He is just competitive in nature (this is where my son gets it). He is now a teacher and coaches football and track. Being a coach’s wife is not an easy task. He is pretty much obsolete during football season, which is sad for me and the kids. But we are there to support him in any way possible.

(My hubby and I after a win)

I am a diehard LSU Tigers fan! My Grandpa went to LSU and I always remember hearing stories about Mike the tiger when I was a little girl. I watch all their games and let me tell you I am a nervous wreck when I watch the games! They definitely know how to make it interesting… I hope they do well this year, I know that they are a young team but hopefully those who have experience can lead them to the championship. Les Miles is one of a kind, always pulling trick plays out of his sleeves! Geaux Tigers!

(Tim Tebow getting sacked, lol my husband would appreciate this)

So this year, I am doing Fantasy Football for the first time. I’m a little nervous but I’m excited too! I recently just started to like the NFL. I definitely like college more. But I like the Colts…since I live in Indiana ๐Ÿ™‚ Well I live in Northwest Indiana and most people around here root for Da Bears…..not me! I like Peyton Manning (who could not like him?) and I like Joseph Addai because he use to play for my beloved Tigers, and I like Austin Collie because he is very good looking (ahem, I mean player!) ๐Ÿ˜›

(My little Cheerleader)

So there you have it, a different side of me! I’m a girly girl who is an avid sports fan!